From Latin et ‎(“and”) plus alia ‎(“others”) which is commonly used in scholarly writing, et alia gallery is an experimental virtual platform for showcasing contemporary arts by emerging artists in an attempt to open up a dialogue between artists from the peripheries and centres. We, Albena Martinova and Jino Rahimi, two graduates from Central Saint Martins, aim to encourage the emerging artists from around the world to join us form a transnational artist collective; to turn the current one-way flow of arts towards the West into a truly transnational art flow. We also aim to foster and facilitate the connection between artists who do not have the opportunity to have their voices heard outside their home country and reach the international audiences.

The experiment manifests the desire for an alternative space and for a pluralized format of exhibitions that is not bound to geopolitical territories. We are aware of the challenges of transcultural curating; however, we are confident that by following an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses the current political, cultural and technological condition, we can move beyond the limits of the existing exhibitions. Our goal is to stop underlining the national identity of artists and rather take the artists out of the predefined cultural context and start a collaboration between artists who share mutual concerns and address global issues, showing that the “cultural other” is no longer only the producer of an exotic product that the West expects and likes.

Concentrating on works by emerging artists as new voices that have not been heard before, rather than established artists, we aim to shift away from the centre point to a more aggregated periphery of individuals in order to produce a different imagination and allow different mindsets create a more inclusive art network. We will also be collaborating with independent curators from around the world for each exhibition. With exhibitions that exist in a “non-place”, et alia gallery uses the virtual sphere, this new medium, to change the politics of representation in the institutionalized art world and reveal the immanent collectivity of contemporary arts.

Our objective is to open up a physical space in London, the capital of the contemporary arts, in an attempt to create a hub for the emerging artists around the world to collaborate and break the barriers between the peripheries and centres.